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    HUDHUD Maintenance App

    HUDHUD maintenance system was created for different kinds of businesses
    who offer maintenance services for their clients, this system is simple and
    easy to use for both, the clients and technicians.

ONE maintenance system for multi industrial businesses!

This system consists of two parts, the technicians maintenance app, and the client service app.

1. Technicians Maintenance App Controls the maintenance visits, invoices pick-ups & deliveries, and Technician visit's data

2. Client Maintenance App Offers the clients the ability to request a service, track the maintenance status, and view invoices and visits history.

Technicians Maintenance App

A Window to endless features possibilities.

The first part of our system is the technicians maintenance app, that allows the technicians to keep track of every maintenance visits the company assigned for them.

Client details, previous visits, change visit time and date, and current visit details, all of these data will be presented vividly and in a simple, easy way.

Have full control on the visits made by your technicians.

1. Visit's Report:

Opening the visit report, will allow the technician to insert all the data collected from that visit.

From entering visit details, to saving all of the parts and services required upon client's request, and finally delivering and picking-up invoices.

2. Receipts & Tools:

All of the receipts the technicians handles will be presented in a neat, categorized way.

Also any missing tools for any visit can be requested at anytime.

3. Visits & Warehouse:

The technicians can track all the visits entrusted to them, and know the accomplished from the pending ones.

The technicians will also have access to the warehouse tools, their availability, quantity, and prices.

Client Maintenance App

Get in touch with your clients on a higher level!

To create an integrated project, we supported the technician's application with an application for clients.

This application allows companies to receive and send information between them and their clients, to facilitate the communication process and to follow up on the details of maintenance operations.

Give your clients the ability to stay connected with you.

1. Visits Schedule:

Once the client enters the app with a registered phone number, the home page views a calendar with all the scheduled and requested maintenance visit.

The upcoming visit in details, the under maintenance parts, and the latest offers and news will be presented as well so that the client can view the most important data on home page.

2. Requesting Services:

Through this app, the client will be able to request a service at anytime needed.

The process is easy and simple to follow, by entering the request details and the contact information, then hitting submit, the requested service will be saved in the client's personal calendar.

3. Profile, Invoices, and Service History:

Client's basic information can be edited through the app, and all of the services history can be viewed in PDF form.

Also, all of the invoices between the company and the clients, and upon request, a payment window can be added so the client can pay invoices through the app.

4. App Content:

Through our app, the client can also view the items purchased from the company in details, and the items the company offers for clients in general. An E-commerce system can be added upon request.

Finally, the company about information will be presented in a delicate way to introduce the customer to the services provided and a brief of company's history. Also, the FAQs page will answer the most common question the clients may have, and the clients will be able to send their questions as well to get answers for them

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