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    HDUHUD delivery

    How do delivery apps work? Delivery apps allow customers to order

    from a nearby place at their convenience. The customers can get

    their order delivered, they can pick it up themselves. The restaurants

    or shops receive the order on the restaurant app and prepare

    the meal or the orders.


Let's break down what we're about to discuss in simple steps:

Fix a food or orders delivery model.

Requirements of the Aggregator model.

Finalize the major features.

The tech stack to a robust app base.

UI UX Design And Tech Factors to consider.

How does delivery app work?

Ordering occurs at the app where the menu of a restaurant or the items of shop is uploaded. Customers select the food items or product and make payments (some providers also offer cash on delivery). Once the amount goes through, the restaurant is notified about the request, and they can confirm or reject the order.

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